1. Brand Purist ®

    10 principles for good branding

    Drawing from our experience over the years, we have developed 10 principles for good branding. These act as benchmarks for creating effective brands.

  2. Good branding expresses human values

    It conveys traits and feelings that are easy to empathise with, because people don’t connect with businesses; they connect with other people.

  3. Good branding provides clarity

    It provides a clear structure for nurturing the brand, ensuring the internal audience is also aligned to a single vision. This understanding on the inside results in a clear external perception.

  4. Good branding inspires new ideas

    Businesses stagnate or die without innovation. It is therefore imperative to encourage brave exploration and creative thinking.

  5. Good branding is rational

    It is the result of inspired thinking, fuelled by a series of conscious decisions, thorough knowledge and deep understanding of the subject and context.

  6. Brand Purist's BP logo mark design is shown with guidelines on a plain background.
  7. Good branding is genuine

    It is built on truth and focuses on existing positive attributes of a business. It adamantly refuses to communicate false promises and idealisation.

  8. Good branding is enduring

    Changing trends do not affect it because it is based on forward-thinking vision and created following timeless design principles.

  9. Good branding is overarching

    Every facet of a business, from its people to its smallest piece of design, represents the brand. All aspects must be considered appropriately to create a coherent experience.

  10. Good branding is relevant

    It is sensitive to current issues and reflects its audience, bringing them together through their shared values.

  11. Overhead view of a workshop table where Brand Purist logo marks are being cut out from card.
  12. Good branding is adaptable

    It is flexible, so it can accommodate changes in the business as new challenges present themselves.

  13. Good branding differentiates

    It is a quest to find the uniqueness of a business and express it to the world in a memorable way.

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