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New brand

Inspire trust. Project credibility. Realise your vision. Kickstart your new business with smart branding.


Refocus your purpose. Gain clarity. Reignite interest. Make your brand memorable with thoughtful rebranding.

Good branding
  • inspires new ideas.
  • is relevant.
  • provides clarity.
  • is rational.
  • is genuine.

Our four-stage branding process and 10 principles for branding ensure we create a powerful brand to drive your success. And, if you need speed, our 10-day brand sprints are unbeatable. Learn more about us to see what we can offer.



Understanding your organisation, existing branding, competitors and audiences.



Crystallising your values, purpose, personality, positioning and brand name.



Crafting an inspired, overarching visual identity and messages that resonate.



Delivering guidelines and design assets to launch and maintain your brand.

Impactful design fuelled by perceptive strategy.

“Brand Purist went above and beyond our expectations. They were there for us every step of the way, expertly guiding us throughout the entire process.”

Portrait of Nathan Kennedy, Co-Founder of Mind Detect
Nathan Kennedy
Co-Founder of Mind Detect

A guide for your branding journey.

Partnering with us for the long-haul could help you grow from small startup to global leader. We evolved YR’s brand from live printing fashion label to customization tech partner to Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Karl Lagerfeld and many more.

We can support you beyond the initial project — as brand consultants and as an outsourced design team to keep your brand on track.

“We have worked extremely well together over the last few years. Brand Purist really has shaped our brand image. They helped YR punch above its weight, as they say, time and time again. I have full faith they can do the same for any brand.”

Photo of Tim Williams.
Tim Williams
CEO, Co-Founder of YR

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