Shaping the brand of an on-demand apparel manufacturing startup


CreateMe, a San Francisco bay area startup, is revolutionising apparel manufacturing. Focused on cutting-edge research and development, they are leading the charge in automation to make manufacturing smarter and more sustainable.

We consolidated their brand and created a unified design system across key touchpoints.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Bence and his company, Brand Purist, on rebranding the website for CreateMe. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Bence is incredibly talented, with a true passion for branding and design.

Portrait of Sebastien Chalmeton, SVP of Marketing at CreateMe
Sebastien Chalmeton
SVP of Marketing at CreateMe

Brand architecture

CreateMe has evolved rapidly in a short space of time as startups often do. Acquiring YR to bolster its product customization offering created a need to update the brand messaging and visual identity.

We introduced an endorsed brand architecture with the newly acquired brands under CreateMe. Combining the YR logo with the strapline ‘by CreateMe’ establishes a clear hierarchy visually and boosts the parent brand’s recognition.

Brand messages

Collaborating closely with CreateMe’s marketing team, we defined a new tone of voice and distilled key messages for the website. The language needed to be action-oriented, reader-centric, concise and impactful.

We emphasised customisation to resonate with potential clients and drive sales. Automated manufacturing was also prominently featured to reflect CreateMe’s future-focused vision and long-term roadmap to investors.

“Bence is also a fantastic project manager. He kept everything running smoothly and efficiently, even under impossible deadlines. And you can trust that the entire team at Brand Purist will deliver top-notch work while making the whole process seamless.”

Portrait of Sebastien Chalmeton, SVP of Marketing at CreateMe
Sebastien Chalmeton
SVP of Marketing at CreateMe
CreateMe’s career page displayed on a tablet.

Visual identity

Creating a design system that is both easy to use and maintain was our primary focus. We analysed existing visual assets to learn about how the CreateMe team used them. This helped set rules to avoid inconsistencies, which often arise when multiple individuals handle design within a large organisation.

Web design

The merger of CreateMe and YR demanded a website overhaul. In just seven weeks, we crafted the messaging, designed every page, produced artworks, and built the site.

We developed the site in Webflow because it enabled us to move rapidly from design to deployment. Webflow also lent itself to creating fluid interactions and animations.

Close-up photo of phone in a person’s hand, featuring a customer story on the CreateMe website.

Presentation design

To support the sales team, we also conducted a presentation design sprint. We defined a clear colour hierarchy, typography rules, spacing guidelines, and image treatment options for design consistency.

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