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We've helped many businesses by fixing poorly managed brands and bringing aspirations to life visually.

Good branding is not reserved exclusively for well-known global businesses. We focus our attention on smaller companies who understand the value branding and design can offer, therefore benefit the most from an in-depth, overarching brand treatment.

Small business

Our experience tells us that small businesses get by for a couple of years at best before enlisting professional help. Here are a few ways our branding expertise has impacted small businesses:

  • Inspired staff and brought teams in line with the vision of the founders.

  • Provided clarity about the business both internally and externally.

  • Gave focus to the business in terms of target audience and future direction.

Start-up venture

Many ambitious start-ups realise that having a strong brand adds value to their idea and makes their business more defensible. Here are some of the ways our branding work has assisted start-ups:

  • Presented the business as credible and professional right from the start.

  • Expressed the dedication and commitment of the founders to their idea.

  • Helped win the trust of stakeholders with a strong brand identity.

  • Screen printed swing tags with spot UV finish designed for YR Store garments.
  • YR Store takeover of Topshop on the corner of 5th Avenue in New York.
  • Artwork of the Kylo Ren character from Star Wars visualised on a t-shirt within the YR Store design software.
  • Vinyl wrapped counter designed for YR Store's installation at Topman, Oxford Circus.
  • Visitors approaching the YR x A Bathing Ape booth in Selfridges department store in London.

“We have been working with Brand Purist since the beginning of our company. They have been instrumental in developing the entire look and feel, and have managed our brand ever since.”

Tim Williams, CEO & Co-founder, YR Store

About YR Store:

YR Store emerged as a live design and print fashion brand in 2013 and is now the customisation partner to many global brands in the retail industry. Their collaborators include brands such as Nike, Topshop, Levi's, Tommy Hilfiger, Liberty and A Bathing Ape. View project

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Business types

We immerse ourselves in your industry and your unique challenges during the research phase of our branding process, so our approach is adaptable to most business types. While every client has different needs, one thing is common — the desire to take the business to the next level.

  • Person pointing at colleague's computer screen in an office environment.


    Differentiate your business in the increasingly uniform digital world. Design and branding are vital for a simple and pleasant customer experience.

  • Shoppers browsing t-shirts in a department store.


    Increase customer engagement through a distinct visual language and helping customers make informed decisions in a fiercely competitive market.

  • Model posing for lookbook photo on a London street.


    Attract a loyal tribe of customers with a rock solid creative direction, rigorous design aesthetics and attention to detail in this fast changing industry.

  • Girl interacting with a large touchscreen hung on a wall.


    Realise the potential of your idea with branding that increases the defensibility of your business while attracting investment and talent you critically need.

  • Tablet held in hands displaying business statistics.

    Business services

    Inspire credibility towards your services and build a brand that competes on value and experience rather than price in this commoditised industry.

  • Portrait painting of famous musician in a gallery window.

    Culture & arts

    Cultivate and preserve your organisation’s recognition with concrete brand positioning and unobtrusive design.

  • People in a meeting room viewing a presentation.

    PR & marketing

    Communicate your skills and expertise effectively to your clients with a memorable brand, spiced up with the right amount of creative flair.

  • People in front of a wall covered in design development work.

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