• YR Live logo consists of the geometric YR symbol combined with the LIVE type mark.
  • The LIVE type mark in the YR Live logo has a V shape resembling lines on a heart monitor to express excitement.
Design and print experiences for events

YR Live

Immersive digital experiences and live event printing – this is what Lumacoustics have built their reputation on. As we rebranded Lumacoustics to YR with YR Store being its retail sub-brand, the side of the business that focused on the events industry required a visual make-over too. This is how YR Live was born.

Over several months, we drove a design overhaul which covered all aspects of the identity, both internally and externally. Paying careful attention to the smallest details, we worked closely with the YR Live team to implement and execute the rebrand programme, which culminated in a successful brand launch and highly positive reception and feedback.