The branding process

Clear steps and a collaborative approach lead to the birth of your new brand.

We walk you through the research, strategy, design and implementation phases, listening to you and your target audience all the way to create a memorable and meaningful brand identity. Whether you are starting out fresh or revamping an old brand, our process can work for you.

New brand

Kickstart your new business with a professional brand identity that inspires trust and communicates credibility. You can get it right from the start and realise your vision sooner.


Change your positioning, refresh your neglected brand, or reboot completely. Get the most out of your business and take it to the next level with the help of a rational and inspiring rebrand.



We gather information and analyse our findings to get to know your business, industry, competitors, target audience and all of your existing branding and design. We do this through extensive desk and field research and, crucially, through listening to you.

Designer making research notes at his desk.
Strategist reading brand positioning documents.


Our research findings inform the brand strategy. While the research phase was about exploration, this step of the branding process is about being focused and consolidating your values, aspirations as a business and vision for the future.



We create a meaningful and memorable visual identity for your business that goes far beyond just the logo. Design is not an artform but the product of informed decision-making, so our design work is always guided by the research and strategy phases.

Designers looking at a wall covered in logo development work print-outs.
  • Outdoor poster with geometric artwork and bold typography designed for footwear brand URTA.
  • A set of simple icons designed for GivingWays.
  • Printmaker inspecting an ICON Printing logo which has been freshly screen printed on a green a t-shirt.
  • Comp slips for Key Business Consultants with the key logo mark and half-tone photographs.
  • Printing and collection areas at the YR Live brand launch event, decorated with their brand identity.


We reveal your new brand to the world! The roll out happens across every relevant channel and can be done in an instant, or across several months depending on your circumstances. Implementation can take many forms, from a few business cards to a website or series of product videos to name just a few.

  • Homepage of URTA's website with photo of women's footwear.
  • GivingWays stationery items such as letterhead, business cards, comp slips, badges and a medallion for rewarding donors.
  • ICON Printing homepage with hero images that bring out the company's quality and attention to detail.
  • Services page design on the Key Business Consultants website, viewed on a tablet.
  • YR Live website homepage design with a background image of interaction with t-shirt design software.
  • Booklet about the URTA brand written in Chinese and illustrated with photographs of Shoreditch, London.
  • GivingWays logo used as a design element, combined with photography and shown on a large outdoor billboard.
  • The back of compliment slips with ICON Printing's signature geometric graphics.
  • Infographic diagram in a Key Business Consultants booklet illustrated with bold photography of antique keys.
  • Branded booklet pages explaining the values YR Live delivers to its clients.
  • Women's trainer shoes photographed for URTA lookbook in Shoreditch.
  • White tote bag which says 'All the ways of Giving' in a type design derived from the GivingWays logo mark.
  • Canvas tote bag with bold, graphic artwork based on the ICON Printing mark.
  • Photo of Gary Green, founder of Key Business Consultants, with a branded pull-up banner in the background.
  • Close-up of screen printed YR Live comp slips with detailed hot pink shard patterns.

What happens after?

Our relationship doesn’t have to be over the minute we’ve supplied you with the agreed deliverables. We will want to see your business succeed and remain ready to offer our unique insight to help you nurture your brand.