Brand transformation partnership with the customisation pioneer


YR is much more than a branding project. We started working together in 2012. Since then, YR has reached several milestones where their branding needed adapting, expanding, reinventing or refocusing. They have entered new industries and markets, launched new products and services and targeted new audiences.

We have always stayed close by to provide expert help in every area of their branding and design. Today, YR partners with the biggest brands in retail and fashion, including Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld and Levi’s to name just a few.

“We have worked extremely well together over the last few years. Brand Purist really has shaped our brand image.”

“Bence is a joy to work with personally, and brings a network of talented individuals to the table when needed. He has an unfaltering eye for detail and perfection. And he’s helped YR punch above its weight, as they say, time and time again. I have full faith he can do the same for any brand.”

Tim Williams • CEO, Co-Founder of YR

Brand development

At the start of our collaboration YR was called Luma. Their first breakthrough invention was the digital graffiti wall. We were brought in to create a fresh look for Luma’s product line of digital experiences, including YR Wall.

Soon, we were branding a new branch of their business, which was fusing technology with fashion. The tech allowed people to customise their garments in store and have them printed live. YR Store was a big hit.

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Brand identity

YR’s brand identity has been realigned to support changes in their business strategy over the years. Key milestones have included:

  • Creation of YR Store (their customisation fashion brand),
  • Rebranding Luma to YR Live to target the events industry,
  • Repositioning YR Store from a consumer to a business-facing brand,
  • Creating YR as the parent brand for YR Live and YR Store,
  • Positioning YR to be customisation and on-demand production consultants,
  • Retiring YR Store and YR Live to create a unified, stronger YR brand.

These changes were made over a long period of time. We carefully considered their potential impact on the business, and managed risks by choosing a path of incremental evolution.

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  • YR Store takeover of Topshop on the corner of 5th Avenue in New York.
  • YR Store t-shirt customisation booth at Selfridges in London.
  • Garment customisation and printing in progress at the YR Store concession in Topshop, Oxford Circus.
  • Vinyl wrapped counter design for YR Store at Topman, Oxford Circus.
  • YR branded vinyl sticker on wooden counter at a Macy’s store.

The fashion customisation arm of the business was going strong. YR Store booths soon appeared in Selfridges, Liberty and Topshop – on London’s Oxford Circus and New York’s 5th Avenue. The retail industry loved the concept and the brand.

The team saw an opportunity in leveraging the YR Store brand for their main business. So they commissioned the rebrand of Luma to YR Live. We implemented the new branding across all touchpoints, communicated the change to clients and ensured the rebrand had staff buy-in.

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  • Outdoor lightbox signage with the YR logo mark.
  • Screen printed duplex YR Store business cards with spot UV finish.
  • Screen printed holographic foil sticker designed for YR to emphasise print quality on t-shirts and other garments.
  • Screen printed YR Live comp slips with vibrant pink colours and structured, clean typography.

Brand positioning

Rebranding is often more noticeable because it involves changing the visual identity. Brand repositioning is about changing people’s perceptions, but not necessarily the look of the brand. It can have a huge impact, even though it’s less visible.

YR’s business pivoted from catering to the events industry to partnering with global retail brands. We helped underpin this shift with a brand positioning exercise that involved questionnaires, interviews and workshops for staff. Once the direction was agreed internally, we updated YR’s brand communications across their website, presentations, social media, marketing and sales channels. The result was a distinct place in the competitive landscape and a clearly articulated value proposition.

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  • Tommy Hilfiger and YR product customisation collaboration at Selfridges, London.
  • People queuing to create their customised running gear on YR’s devices at Nike’s event.
  • Levi’s tattoo parlour themed retail space built to promote denim jackets  customisable by YR’s technology.
  • Guest at ASOS’ pop-up event personalising a tote bag on YR’s touch screen.
  • Interior of Ralph Lauren shop offering polo shirt personalisation using YR’s tech.

Brand architecture

YR’s brand architecture has changed over the years. We created sub-brands, and new product and service brands. But we kept the visual identity cohesive throughout, always aiming to simplify any complexity for YR’s audiences.

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Brand management

We’ve helped YR grow into a global brand, supporting them with everything from overarching brand strategies to daily design tasks. They now have offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Helped by a strong brand, YR has:

  • Found a market gap and cemented their position,
  • Created a worldwide presence in less than five years,
  • Attracted dedicated teams across the UK, US and Japan offices,
  • Partnered with the biggest brands in fashion, tech, sports, finance, automotive, entertainment, food and drinks.

Our work demands a deep understanding of YR. As the creator of the brand, we are fully invested in its success. YR’s leadership recognises the importance of branding and knows that it is crucial to continuously invest in it. This close alignment on vision and values helps us maintain a pioneering brand and strong partnership.

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Brand audit

Rebranding and brand positioning services involve various research methods to uncover challenges and opportunities. We analyse competitors and audiences, and conduct interviews, workshops and site visits in search of insights.

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Brand communications

We keep YR’s brand messages relevant, coherent and impactful. Their priorities and target audiences have evolved over the years. But we reflect their positioning as ‘the global customisation partner’ across all communications.

YR’s website and sales presentations are the most important touchpoints. We maintain a consistent quality by handling both content and design.

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  • YR’s website home page designed by Brand Purist.
  • Pages from YR’s presentations.

Brand consulting

Collaboration is ingrained in YR’s identity. YR has built up its recognition by partnering with brands that have cult-like followings. We helped YR shape their team-ups with brands including A Bathing Ape, Star Wars, Boy London, Obey, GCDS and SpongeBob.

We act as YR’s brand guardian and advise on brand maintenance and growth, from small designs to holistic brand strategies.

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  • Visitors approaching the YR x BAPE booth in the Selfridges store.
  • Customisable BB-8 placement artwork by YR Store.
  • Fashion lookbook photo of two YR Store x SpongeBob t-shirts on a rooftop in Shoreditch.
  • In-store retail installation featuring YR, Obey, Boy London and GCDS logos.
  • Phone case personalisation pop-up shop by Skinny Dip and YR.

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