Branding a creative agency for charities and ethical businesses


We designed the brand of a creative agency specialising in charity and ethical business marketing. Together, the name and visual identity express the idea of clear, impactful communications underpinning positive change.

“Such an inclusive and rewarding process. Brand Purist helped me make sense of my aspirations, then transformed them into a coherent, striking brand. I love it!”

Amie Slade • Founder of Spell Change

Brand research

The research phase revealed opportunities for the brand.

We analysed competitors and empathised with audiences. There are many creative agencies, but most don’t focus on charities and ethical businesses. Competitors’ brand designs are often subdued and safe, so we decided to aim for more impact.

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Modern office space with red and black Spell Change logo on a white wall.

Brand strategy

We distilled the brand identity during a series of workshops.

Spell Change is founded on a clear mission of helping organisations move more people to drive more change. It’s a purpose that will resonate with the type of clients they want to attract. We also defined the brand personality, core values and desired positioning as part of the brand strategy.

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Brand naming

We set clear criteria before delving into name generation. The name needed to be meaningful, energetic and in line with the brand strategy. We worked with the founder to produce and shortlist options. ‘Spell Change’ captures the essence of the brand. It’s short, memorable and gives the company a sense of credibility, right from the start.

Learn about Brand Purist’s brand naming service Person carrying a black tote bag with red and white Spell Change logo.

Brand design

The brand name inspired our visual explorations. Spell Change’s core offering is creative copywriting and content development, so written language features in the brand design. We created a typographic visual identity that communicates the idea of elevating words and messages to maximise impact.

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Logo design

We opted for a type mark logo design. The word SPELL visually underpins and lifts up the word CHANGE. It’s a simple and effective way to translate the brand’s purpose into a visual form, with no unnecessary flourishes.

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  • Spell Change type mark on vibrant red background.
  • Spell Change logo in black and white colours.
Visual identity

The double lines are the most recognisable feature of the logo. So we carried them into other elements of the visual identity like icons, text highlights, divider lines and hyperlinks. The vibrant red colour immediately grabs attention. And the classic red, black and white combination is unique within the competitive landscape.

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  • Letterhead and compliment slip designs featuring the Spell Change logo.
  • Spell Change’s branded business card designs.

Brand implementation

The brand sprints covered all the essentials for a small new business. The founder was equipped with a range of assets to launch the brand:

  • logo assets,
  • e-signatures,
  • digital and print-ready stationery,
  • website,
  • social media profiles,
  • brand guidelines.
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  • Spell Change’s branded Linkedin company profile.
  • E-signature mock-up with Spell Change branding.

Web design

Spell Change can easily update and grow their website. The design allows the copy to breathe and create impact. The double lines help to create a cohesive look.

Learn about Brand Purist’s web design service Spell Change’s website home page presented on tablet and mobile.
Brand guidelines

The brand book provides a summary of Spell Change’s identity. It also gives guidance on the visuals such as the logo, colour palette and typography.

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Brand book showcasing logo and colour guidelines for the Spell Change visual identity.

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