Future-proof branding for a recruitment agency with purpose


We collaborated with a purpose-driven recruitment agency to launch their brand. Mind Detect brings together the brightest talent with cutting-edge tech companies to change the world for the better.

“Brand Purist went above and beyond our expectations. They explained everything very clearly and were there for us every step of the way, expertly guiding us throughout the entire process.”

“Bence is meticulous in his approach and attention to detail. He helped us name Mind Detect and define our vision, values and brand strategy. And he was there right through to design and roll-out. We have very high standards and Bence was able to deliver throughout. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Brand Purist as we grow and evolve.”

Nathan Kennedy • Co-Founder of Mind Detect

Brand research

Mind Detect had to establish itself in a highly saturated market. But as we analysed competitors, we began to spot opportunities for Mind Detect to stand out.

Mind Detect possesses strong ethics, an excellent network and a profound belief that recruitment is about building relationships between people. Our research concluded that the brand should showcase these strengths and points of difference.

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  • On-brand neon lights and office decoration visualised by branding company Brand Purist for recruitment agency Mind Detect.
  • Mind Detect brand artwork presented on a tablet.

Brand strategy

Brand strategy workshops help us dig deeper into the purpose of a business. Mind Detect has in-depth industry knowledge and years’ of experience recruiting talent for technology providers. Past client feedback gave valuable insight into the views of their target audience.

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Brand positioning

The brand positioning established Mind Detect’s core purpose, brand values, brand personality, mission and vision for the future. It also highlighted what makes Mind Detect different to its competitors.

The brand positioning now influences every aspect of the business: its name, design and even the way it’s run day-to-day.

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  • Three outdoor posters showcasing the geometric graphics of the Mind Detect visual identity.
  • Young person wearing a printed tote-bag on their shoulder that features the geometric shapes of the Mind Detect visual identity.

Brand naming

We launched a rigorous process to find the right brand name. It had to align with the brand values. It also had to be meaningful, original, protectable and available to register. The Mind Detect name met all of these requirements.

Learn about Brand Purist’s brand naming service Mind Detect brand name written in a grotesque sans-serif typeface.

Brand messages

After developing the brand values to inspire the company founders and future employees, we produced key messages for external audiences. We crafted Mind Detect’s unique value proposition and summarised the core benefits they offer clients and candidates through their services.

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Brand design

Our research included dissecting the design decisions behind similar brands. Then we created mood boards to set the direction for the visual identity during the strategy phase.

In today’s visually cluttered word, the simplest designs stand out the most. So we always strive for simplicity in brand design.

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Logo design

In Mind Detect’s logo mark, we captured the idea of finding the missing piece that completes something bigger. We created a visual representation of matching candidates to organisations with the same culture, values and aspirations.

Learn about Brand Purist’s logo design service Minimalist recruitment agency logo design depicting simplified letters of M and D overlapping each other. Created by branding company Brand Purist for Mind Detect.

Visual identity

Our efforts to find a meaningful brand name paid off, as we built the visual identity around the name. The word ‘detect’ inspired the design of the sonar or radar-like brand expression. It also enabled the brand to come to life through animation.

The founders were fully engaged throughout and helped refine key aspects of the identity, like typography and colour palette.

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Brand implementation

Mind Detect’s focus on the tech industry meant the brand implementation also centred around their digital presence. We created:

  • animations,
  • icons,
  • e-signatures,
  • digital and print-ready stationery,
  • website with CRM,
  • social media profiles,
  • brand guidelines.
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  • Mind Detect branded stationery designs including letterheads and compliment slips.
  • Mind Detect branded business cards.
  • Mind Detect’s Linkedin profile designed by Brand Purist.

Web design

We devised the structure and design of Mind Detect’s website, working closely with the founders. Copywriting and web development services were delivered with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practice in mind.

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Minimalist website designed by Brand Purist for tech recruitment agency Mind Detect.

Brand guidelines

The brand book will ensure the brand can continue to exist consistently and coherently beyond the brand creation project.

Learn about Brand Purist’s brand guidelines service Pages of the brand guidelines document created by branding agency Brand Purist for recruitment company Mind Detect.

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