Branding a software provider that helps gaming operators thrive


We worked with gaming industry veterans to launch their software start-up brand. The brand identity needed to attract tech talent, reassure investors and distinguish Huddle from competitors. The whole branding process was conducted online, with team members in New York, London and Zagreb.

“What a ride! We would strongly recommend Brand Purist’s brand sprints for any start-up out there. We’re super happy with the outcome. You really learn a lot about who you are and bond even more as a team throughout the sprints too.”

Leo Gaspar • Co-Founder, CSO of Huddle

Brand research

We learnt a lot about the founding team and their aspirations during the research phase of our branding process.

The team had a deep experience of working in the industry, so dissecting the brands of their past companies was especially insightful.

Workshops helped the participants broaden their knowledge of their audiences, competitors and different aspects of branding.

Learn about Brand Purist’s brand research service Huddle’s logo appearing as signage on the wall of a stylish office.

Brand strategy

Strategy workshops helped unite the founders along a single vision for their brand.

We clarified the brand identity during the strategy phase, including the brand purpose, core values, personality and desired positioning.

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Brand positioning

The gaming industry is expected to keep growing, but face increased regulation around the world for the foreseeable future. Playing audiences are also getting younger, and are more open to new gaming experiences. Huddle is building a flexible, modular software, which is an ideal fit for this kind of environment. We captured this notion in the brand positioning too. Huddle is the only software provider ready to adapt to the fast-changing needs of gaming operators.

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Poster designs showcasing the brand identity of gaming software company Huddle.
Brand purpose

The core purpose sums up Huddle’s aspirations: Huddle will empower the gaming industry to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. The founders wanted their brand to feel visionary, so we captured this in the broader brand identity. But we also highlighted that a brand purpose should feel grounded. The result is a purpose that’s meaningful to Huddle’s staff and clients. And it can stay relevant as the business grows.

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Brand design

The design phase began with generating visual concepts, led by the brand identity and name. The Huddle team fed into the process by collecting inspiration and forming a design brief. Together we set the criteria that our design solution had to meet.

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Logo design

We picked a font that would add personality and accentuate the appealing form of the brand name. The logo was completed with a simple, elegant mark to sum up the essence of Huddle. Our logo design:

  • Captures collaboration and partnership,
  • Expresses the idea of moving over obstacles,
  • Is elegant so that it can work as a mark of excellence,
  • Is unobtrusive so it can stand on its own or with partners’ brands,
  • Incorporates the classic American football goal post for the letter H,
  • Alludes to other sports with the half circle (e.g. basketball court),
  • Can be seen as a literal huddle, with the arch reaching over the goal post,
  • Symbolises the four founders with four vertical lines.
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  • Huddle’s logo design on green background.
  • Huddle’s logo on plain black and white backgrounds.
Visual identity

The logo inspired a range of expressions that can suit different audiences and applications. The graphic artworks build on the logo mark by adding a sense of movement. Gradient colours create depth, and a hint of coral adds energy. We used the deconstructed shapes of the mark to connect illustrations to the brand.

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  • Visual of a Huddle’s branded Linkedin profile.
  • Mock-ups of Huddle’s branded email signatures.
  • Huddle’s logo shown on a photo of a tote bag.

Brand implementation

The initial brand implementation phase produced the assets which were essential to launch the Huddle brand. We delivered:

  • logo assets,
  • e-signatures,
  • digital and print-ready stationery,
  • website,
  • copywriting,
  • social media profiles,
  • brand guidelines.
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  • Letterhead and compliment slip design featuring Huddle’s logo and brand expressions derived from their mark.
  • Letterhead and compliment slip designs with Huddle’s branding.

Brand messages

Huddle’s offering needed to be communicated carefully. The brand’s authentic and empowering tone of voice had to avoid jargon and marketing speak. Attracting talent was more important than selling the software at this stage of Huddle’s journey. So we emphasised their inspiring vision and culture throughout their brand messaging.

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Web design

The visual identity was pushed further on Huddle’s website. Typography, colours, icons, illustrations, layouts and other design elements all come together cohesively.

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Huddle’s website design presented on a tablet and phones.
Brand guidelines

We cemented the foundations of Huddle’s brand in a brand book. It summarises the identity, including the brand purpose, values and personality. It also gives guidelines for logo, typography and colour use. We continue to support Huddle with their branding needs as they challenge the gaming industry.

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  • Brand book showcasing logo and colour guidelines for Huddle’s visual identity.
  • Pages from Huddle’s brand book describing their brand purpose and desired positioning.

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