Branding a more social and less financially risky sports betting startup


We collaborated with Fliff, a US-based startup, to distill their brand strategy and elevate their visual identity. Fliff offers a more inviting, more social and less financially risky alternative to traditional sports betting.

The brand needed to attract casual and novice sports bettors who are new to the game. It also had to appeal to existing users, investors and Fliff’s growing team.

“We came to Brand Purist to create a new visual identity, but the sprint process went much beyond that in also helping us refine our core values and vision for the brand.”

“The sprint process was intense and parts felt laborious at times, but in the end it was really great to see how all of the workshops contributed to creating the brand identity. We now have a complete identity that can be applied across any asset and have gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback from our team, investors and, most importantly, our users.”

Matt Ricci • CEO, Co-Founder of Fliff

Brand research

Fliff spotted a gap at the intersection of ‘found money’ and sports predictions.

The research phase helped us understand their vision, market and competition. We dissected their existing identity and brands they aspired to be like. We took the team through exercises that explored different aspects of branding to reveal opportunities for improving their own brand.

Learn about Brand Purist’s brand research service Fliff’s logo design appearing on outdoor signage.

Brand strategy

In-depth discussions and workshops helped the Fliff team clarify what their brand stood for.

A clear identity is the foundation of a strong brand. We defined Fliff’s purpose, core values, personality and ambitions.

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Brand positioning

Fliff is the only sportsbook that creates a social experience around sports picks, powered by ‘found money’. Sports fans can play with cashback rewards from their favorite brands. This set the direction for their brand positioning. Their app is more welcoming and friendly than a traditional sportsbook, and more exciting than existing cashback apps.

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Poster designs showcasing the brand identity of social sportsbook, Fliff.

Brand design

With an existing brand, app and user base, it was crucial that all stakeholders had time to align on the direction.

The word ‘fliff’ is a slang term for money that is easily spent. It’s not a widely recognised expression, so it was important to reflect the name’s meaning through design. We ran a series of sprints to arrive at an outcome that inspired everyone.

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Logo design

The logo mark captures the ‘found money’ idea through a wallet and green bank note, which form the letter F. The Fliff team provided the early designs for the logo. We fine-tuned the symbol and redesigned the wordmark.

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  • Fliff’s logo lockup on navy background.
  • Fliff’s logo design on white background.
Visual identity

We worked closely with the Fliff team to develop their colour palette and typographic style. Fliff is about rewards and finding money for users to play with.It felt like a natural progression to build the visual identity around the money element of the logo.

We designed a range of patterns using vibrant green rectangles on a navy background. This created a simple yet striking visual language. The rectangles behave like cash. They often appear to be falling randomly from the sky. But they can also be lined up neatly as if they were coming off the printing press. Reducing our money symbol to a basic shape helped us achieve a modern, timeless look.

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  • Fliff’s logo and brand artwork shown on a tote bag.
  • Business card designs featuring Fliff’s logo and brand expressions derived from their mark.
  • Letterhead and compliment slip designs with Fliff’s branding.
App design

It was vital to create a brand design that could be applied to the existing Fliff app. We tested a wide range of colour palettes, created light and dark modes and designed splash screens. The Fliff team was also provided with guidance on how to apply the new visual identity to their app.

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Fliff’s app interface design with the new visual identity applied.

Brand implementation

Once the visual identity was finalised, a light touch implementation followed. As part of the initial project, we delivered:

  • logo assets,
  • e-signatures,
  • digital and print-ready stationery,
  • website,
  • copywriting,
  • social media profiles,
  • brand guidelines.
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  • Mock-ups of Fliff’s branded email signatures.
  • Visual of a Fliff’s branded Linkedin profile.

Web design

Fliff’s website rounds out the visual identity. The brand colours are vibrant and exciting, but also functional. Green rectangles work as dashed lines that separate information and create hierarchy. They also visually tie the illustrations to the logo.

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  • Fliff’s website home page presented on a tablet and phones.
  • Fliff’s website designs shown on tablets.
Brand guidelines

We summarised the brand identity and the foundations of the visual language in a brand book. Many people will interact with Fliff’s brand in the coming years as the company grows. Guidelines will be essential to maintain clarity and consistency.

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  • Brand book describing Fliff’s brand values and positioning.
  • Pages from Fliff’s brand guidelines showcasing their brand personality, logo and colour palette.

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