Branding tech recruiters who make outstanding work possible


Skill Trace, a US-based tech recruiter, goes beyond matches that look good on paper. They build rapport with clients and candidates to find the perfect fit. So businesses can focus on delivering successful projects.

We swiftly created a brand from scratch, bringing the founder’s vision to life and jumpstarting the company.

Pastel green office wall decorated with simple shapes followed by a magnifying glass graphic.


Brand research

The research process helped us identify that many competitors didn’t put enough effort into their brands. As a newcomer, Skill Trace had the opportunity to stand out, project credibility, and inspire trust through distinctive branding.

Small lightbox signage on a building’s facade at night, featuring the Skill Trace logo.


Brand strategy

Branding a new company is like painting on a blank canvas. It can both be an exciting opportunity and a significant challenge.

We focused on understanding the founder’s aspirations, shaping the brand to embody determination, empathy, and integrity.

Brand naming

We generated a range of viable, meaningful names that we put through a strict elimination process. We tested them in context to assess their visual appeal and ranked them based on a predefined criteria.

The name ‘Skill Trace’ was chosen for a variety of factors, for example: it’s short, easy to say, self-explanatory, and can be expressed through visuals.

  • Skill Trace logo on light background.
  • Skill Trace logo on dark background.


Brand design

The design phase began by picking the brand typeface and colours. The brand overall had to embody trust with a touch of lightheartedness so we opted for a geometric sans-serif font and a serene palette with some vibrant hints.

Logo design

Logo mark is created out of two ¾ circles that form the outline of a letter ‘S’ to imply the idea of skill being traced.

We created the silhouette of a magnifying glass by adding a small rectangle to the top circle. The magnifying glass is a well established symbol for search but we represented it in a subtle, almost hidden way. We arranged the type next to the mark to create a cohesive, balanced look.

We turned the mark into the connective tissue of the visual identity by deconstructing it to generate patterns and artworks.

Light brown coloured deconstructed components of the logo mark arranged on a dark blue background to form an abstract repeating pattern. Young woman carrying a dark blue tote bag on her shoulder that features Skill Trace branding.


Brand implementation

We rolled out the brand on some essential touchpoints such as: website, e-signatures, presentation templates and social media. Bold typography, light colours, spacious layouts, and friendly illustrations bring the brand to life on digital platforms.

Brand messages

Skill Trace exists because hiring the right people makes outstanding work possible. This purpose combined with a respectful, energetic and straightforward tone of voice shaped the overall messaging. We crafted the copy for key pages of the website, highlighting the benefits Skill Trace offers to clients.

Home page of displayed on tablets.
Brand guidelines

Skill Trace’s brand book summarises the brand’s purpose, values, and character, providing clear guidelines for logo, typography, and colour usage. As Skill Trace grows and evolves, this document will remain a vital tool in maintaining their brand.

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