Branding a startup that spreads the love of glamping


Glamp is a marketing platform for the lovers of glamping. The term ‘glamping’ is a combination of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. It’s a way of enjoying the great outdoors without sacrificing the luxury and comfort of a hotel. Glamp helps glampsite owners elevate their brands and reach more people.

We set out to create a brand that could disrupt preconceptions of glamping and appeal to a young, eclectic audience.

Photo of a young person, seen from behind, draped in a Glamp branded blanket, standing on a hill and gazing towards a distant range of mountains.

Bence was extremely well organised and knowledgeable, giving his coaching and guidance input to the process to bring the team to a shared understanding of the new brand and an incredible new visual identity. We are very excited about where this can now take us and would very much recommend Brand Purist.

Portrait of Mark Merrywest, Founder, CEO of Glamp
Mark Merrywest
Founder, CEO of Glamp


Brand research

Working closely with the Glamp team, we completed a wide range of workshop exercises to discover the brand’s correct positioning and unique voice.

The competitive landscape looked mostly very traditional. We had to look beyond the industry for inspiring brands that had the right ‘feel’.


Brand strategy

After distilling the brand values, we envisioned an adventurous, authentic and sociable brand.

The driving force behind the brand became fostering the community of glampers and glampsite owners. It had to resonate with their genuine enthusiasm for glamping.

A variety of Glamp sticker design concepts, featuring different shapes and colors, displayed on a textured concrete wall.


Brand design

Our brief was clear: avoid clichés and visual cues to glamping in the logo and find the right balance between disruption and credibility in the overall design.

Logo design

The look of the classic VW camper van was mentioned during an earlier chat. This planted the seed for the logotype design. The logo captures a retro, yet timeless feel with an inherent friendly character. The letters can be arranged on one line or two lines which lends itself to different usage, such as app icons.

Visual identity

We took inspiration from glamping pods, tents and yurts to create a set of simplified, abstract shapes. These act as design elements all throughout the different touchpoints. We also used actual illustrations of dwellings and people for icons on the website and on stickers for guerilla marketing concepts.

The colour palette is driven by pink and yellow to break down the outdoorsy stereotype and connect with the urban audience.

A young woman standing in front of graffiti and wearing a Glamp branded t-shirt. The t-shirt features the messages ‘Find your own adventure’ and ‘Join the glamping revolution’ in bold letters.
Business card designs tailored to the glampsite owner audience. Card designs geared towards glampers.


Brand implementation

To wrap up the initial project, we provided guidelines to help the Glamp team implement the brand themselves. We produced web design concepts, social media templates, e-signatures, business cards and sticker designs to kickstart the brand.

Brand guidelines

Glamp’s essence is captured in their brand book that covers their purpose, values and unique personality. It also contains guidelines for logo, colour and typeface usage to ensure a consistent and memorable representation. This document will guide Glamp’s branding as they redefine outdoor holidays.

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