Branding the fashion customisation pioneers revolutionising retail


YR Store began as a retail concept that transformed the shopping experience with interactive technology. Following a rebrand by Brand Purist, it emerged as the world’s first live fashion customisation brand, launching at prestigious locations including Selfridges, Liberty, Macy’s, and Topshop in London’s Oxford Circus and New York’s 5th Avenue.

Over the years, we have nurtured the brand, ensuring consistency and design finesse, and shaping its collaborations with high-profile partners like A Bathing Ape, Obey, and Star Wars.

Grey sweatshirt with YR Store branded label and spot UV-printed swing tag.


Brand research

Initially focused on the events industry, YR Store’s parent company needed to adopt a fashion-oriented mindset to launch and grow YR Store. They transitioned from communicating product features, like their digital graffiti wall, to highlighting the values and emotional benefits for potential retail customers.

Audiences’ attitude towards product customisation and personalisation is diverse; some enjoy free rein, while others experience choice paralysis. The competition was vast, ranging from limited edition high-end brands to on-demand clothing printing companies, all targeting the same customer base.

YR Store business cards showcasing spot UV finishing for added visual appeal. YR Store business cards featuring essential contact information and brand identity. YR Store letterhead presenting a structured typographic layout with purple shards graphics. YR Store letterhead backside adorned with a pattern inspired by the YR logomark.


Brand strategy

YR Store transcends printed garments, offering an interactive fashion experience that uniquely engages consumers. As YR’s branding partner, we deeply integrated co-creation into the brand’s core DNA from the start. We defined their brand purpose as ‘Collaborative Individualism’ where brands and customers collectively shape fashion, one unique piece at a time.

Brand naming

The name ‘YR’, pronounced ‘Your’, was already in use by the business. By adding ‘Store’, we differentiated it from existing products like YR Wall.

Close-up of YR Store retail graphics enhancing the ambiance at Topshop. YR Store logo showcased on glass signage at Topshop for brand recognition. Detailed photo of YR Store’s product customization pricelist and flyer for customer reference. Tote bag with YR Store logo and signature purple shard graphics.


Brand design

Keywords like unconventional, disruptive, current, and credible shaped our approach to the brand’s visual identity. The short name presented a pathway to a simple lettermark design. We constructed dynamic ‘shard’ patterns from the mark that can be applied across various media. They have become an instantly recognisable YR asset.

Logo design

The YR logo encapsulates a refined fashion brand, its connecting lines symbolising collaboration. It functions independently or alongside the YR Store wordmark, and its streamlined shape integrates seamlessly with any partner logo.

YR Store logo lockup with 'Live in Print' tagline on a striking black background.


Brand implementation

Over the years, Brand Purist has supported YR Store both as brand consultants and a flexible, outsourced design team. We have delivered overarching brand strategies and detailed design tasks to ensure consistency and high quality across all touchpoints. Below is a selection of services we delivered.


We helped YR select brand partners that aligned with their vision and ethos, emphasising the importance of presenting YR as an equal to its collaborators. Design played a crucial role in achieving these strategic objectives.

Presentation of YR Store’s co-branded logos highlighting collaborative partnerships.

Store design

YR Store operated several concessions where customers could design their own YR-branded garments. In close collaboration with their team, we designed these in-store areas, utilising YR’s signature patterns, bold typography, and modern logo to invigorate the retail space and attract customers.

YR Store branded store furniture adding vibrancy to Topman’s Oxford Circus location. Close-up of customers engaging with YR Store’s interactive touchscreens at Topman’s Oxford Circus location.

YR Store debuted at Topman’s Oxford Circus location, where we developed the launch, and seasonal campaign and collaboration visuals.

YR Store’s bespoke t-shirt customisation booth at Selfridges in London. YR Store branded graphics enhancing the retail installation at Selfridges, Oxford Street.

Selfridges featured YR Store during many holiday seasons, both as a standalone entity and in special collaborations, sometimes occupying multiple locations within the department store simultaneously.

YR Store’s concession display at Topshop on New York’s 5th Avenue. Patrons enjoying the customisation experience at YR Store’s designated area within Topshop, 5th Avenue. In-progress garment customisation and printing activity at YR Store’s Topshop location. Customer actively designing a personalised t-shirt using YR Store’s interactive touchscreen.

YR Store introduced live design and print areas at Topshop’s flagship stores on New York’s Fifth Avenue and London’s Oxford Street, with both designed by Brand Purist.

YR Store’s dedicated personalisation zone at Macy’s New York location. YR Store branded graphics enhancing the wooden counter setup at Macy’s store.

Macy’s marked another milestone in YR Store’s journey.The natural aesthetic of the wooden furniture was complemented by our design’s of purple shards and neatly arranged typography.

App design

We crafted the user interfaces for YR Store’s in-store touchscreens and smartphone app, ensuring meticulous consistency across all touchpoints.


We helped strengthen the tech company’s fashion-savvy brand positioning by capturing the in-store experience, product stills and lookbook imagery.

  • Vibrant image of YR Store’s womens crop top featuring a tropical print from the lookbook.
  • Side view of womens crop top showcasing an all-over tropical print as captured for YR Store's Spring/Summer lookbook. Aesthetic shot of tropical plants contributing to the ambiance in YR Store’s lookbook.
  • Men’s personalised t-shirt with a distinctive tropical print design as featured in YR Store’s lookbook.
  • Urban landscape scene captured from YR Store’s lookbook, portraying East London’s street culture. Menswear featuring a tropical print t-shirt from YR Store’s lookbook collection.

Web design

We developed YR Store’s online presence, characterised by dark backgrounds, vibrant photography and subtle hints of the brand’s signature purple.

  • YR Store’s informative Home and About pages providing insights into the brand’s ethos and offerings.
  • YR Store’s Collaborations and Brand Timeline pages highlighting significant partnerships and milestones on the website.

Branded animations

Motion graphics added visual interest to the in-store environment. We developed several short animations for collaborations and promotional campaigns.

Marketing design

Over several years of close partnership, Brand Purist delivered a wide-range of printed items for YR Store, including booklets, posters, flyers, hang tags, product labels, tote bags and high-end stationery.

  • The back page of the YR Store booklet promoting the YR app for personalized fashion experiences. Front cover of YR Store's Custom Fashion booklet offering insights into bespoke fashion solutions.
  • Informative booklet pages narrating the live print fashion journey of YR Store.
  • Creative booklet featuring YR Store’s latest designs and collections to inspire customers.
  • Printing service ‘Your > YR’ showcased within the pages of the YR Store booklet.

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