Customisable fashion co-branding and retail design on a galactic scale


YR Store partnered with Disney for an exclusive event at Selfridges, London. Fans were able to personalise premium t-shirts and sweatshirts with exclusive Star Wars designs in the lead-up to The Force Awakens movie premiere.

Brand Purist provided YR with brand consulting and design services to help bring the project to life. Working on this project was a truly rewarding experience for us as long-time fans.

  • R2-D2 artwork printed via dye-sublimation on display at a Star Wars collector’s wall. Close-up of R2-D2 comic book art on a YR x Star Wars sweatshirt.
  • Black t-shirt featuring Star Wars movie poster graphics. Black t-shirt with Stormtrooper and YR x Star Wars logo graphics.
  • Black t-shirt with comic book style graphics of Star Wars ships. Black sweatshirt with retro Darth Vader Star Wars poster.

“We’re very excited to be collaborating with the most iconic film series of all time. Bespoke and customisation are key to our brand and this collaboration will allow us to offer our consumers something completely different, a collector’s item even.”

Portrait of Tim Williams, CEO, Co-Founder of YR Store
Tim Williams
CEO, Co-Founder of YR Store

“To put such an iconic logo next to something that I designed was an incredible feeling.”

Portrait of Bence Bilekov, Founder of Brand Purist
Bence Bilekov
Founder of Brand Purist
  • Close-up of YR Store touchscreen featuring personalised Imperial Stormtrooper graphics.
  • Side view of the YR x Star Wars store furniture.
  • Close-up of YR Store x Star Wars sweatshirt featuring roaring Chewbacca comic art.
  • Close-up of YR Designer software selecting Chewbacca comic book style artwork.

Brand consulting

Over the years, we have shaped YR’s collaborations and gradually elevated their brand. The Star Wars project gave us the opportunity to demonstrate YR’s ability to form successful partnerships with the biggest consumer franchises in the world.

Playing within the boundaries of Disney’s and Lucasfilm’s precise brand guidelines, we managed to strengthen YR’s brand recognition as the fashion customisation tech brand.

Artwork curation

We delved into the Star Wars archives to curate a selection of artworks that would inspire customers to create their own unique garment designs. Accessing a deep library of style guides enabled us to select design pathways that cater to a wide range of fans.

  • Kylo Ren all-over print artwork in the YR Store design software called YR Designer.
  • Rey Skywalker artwork in the all-over print creator software by YR Store at Selfridges.
  • Customisable BB-8 placement artwork by YR Store.
  • First Order Stormtrooper all-over t-shirt pattern on the YR Designer in Selfridges.
  • Poe Dameron artwork personalised on a t-shirt template on the YR Designer touch screen.


YR’s visual language bears similarities to the sharp, angular aesthetics of the Star Wars universe. Our guiding principles were balance and impact. Although Star Wars is the more established and recognisable brand, we ensured both brands received equal prominence. We combined the iconic starfield backdrop with YR’s purple shards, derived from its logo, to establish a shared co-branded look. The blend was a natural fit.

Logo lockup

From the very beginning, we designed the YR logo to pair synergistically with other brand symbols. We combined the two brands’ logos into a single solid lockup to present them as a united force. To offer flexibility, we developed landscape and portrait versions which would be used on hang tags, software interfaces, retail graphics and marketing materials.

YR Store and Star Wars logo lockup.

Brand film

We produced a short brand film to commemorate the project. The video tells the story of the YR x Star Wars collaboration at Selfridges, highlighting our creative approach, design process and passion for Star Wars.

Web shop

Beyond the custom prints in-store, a range of pre-designed t-shirts and sweatshirts were also available to purchase online on Selfridges’ web shop.

Store design

The YR team designed a unique installation to house the print station and the interactive touchscreens. The structure, inspired by iconic Star Wars ships like the Tie Fighter, was infused with YR’s visual aesthetics.

To complete the look, we devised graphic elements, incorporating the prominent logo lockup, YR’s purple shards, and Star Wars-inspired fonts and detailing. The imposing store furniture helped enhance the retail space and attract customers at Selfridges’ Oxford Street store in London.

Low-angle side view of the YR x Star Wars structure at Selfridges.
Rear view of the YR Store x Star Wars installation. Left side view of the YR x Star Wars spaceship installation at Selfridges. Front view of YR Store x Star Wars installation. Rear right side view of the YR x Star Wars store furniture.
Heat press emitting smoke, decorated with YR x Star Wars co-branded vinyls.

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