• The key simplified symbol is incorporated in the KEY type mark of the logo.
  • Key Business Consultants logo shown on a solid light grey background.
  • The Key Business Consultants logo lockup is designed to work with many different taglines, such as the 'Seed EIS Specialists'.
  • Key Business Consultants are Chartered Accountants as shown here in the logo.
Understated, entrepreneurial accounting

Key Business Consultants

Key Business Consultants approached us to help them define a clear strategic brand focus and reimagine their visual identity. It was clear the old branding was not sending the right signals to the target audience, so after extensive research, we repositioned the brand to focus on the values that were most important to their clients.

The understated type mark and clean typographic approach captures Key Business Consultant's core strength: their entrepreneurial, straightforward and attentive approach to accountancy.