• ICON Printing type mark features a diagonal rectangle replacing the letter O in the name.
  • The diagonal rectangle of the ICON Printing logo acts as a frame for a blank canvas.
  • The ICON Printing logo mark was inspired by screen printing tools.
Design-led supplier of custom clothing

ICON Printing

When the director of ICON Printing, Alex Econs, approached us in 2013, his brand was a blank canvas with a standard startup feel. We started with an in-depth investigation into the business. The existing branding was taken apart, and the competitors and target audiences were carefully analysed.

We immersed ourselves in the brand. The branding process included production site visits and discussions with ICON's team, suppliers and clients to discover the business' unique qualities and potential to fill a gap in the market.

After the research was done, our job was to bring these brand values to the forefront of the visual identity and empower ICON Printing to embrace and champion them.