• Photograph of high-end holographic paper.
  • Screen printed duplex YR Store business cards with spot UV finish.
  • Back of the ICON Printing business cards, featuring aspects of the logo.
  • Key Business Consultants letterhead with repeating key symbol on the back.
  • Booklet for URTA footwear, opened at a page introducing the brand in Chinese.
The value of branding

The most important question before investing in branding is — what value would it add to your business?

Your brand is the culmination of all past experiences, future expectations and other associations people have with your business. Investing in branding gives you the power to shape and manage these perceptions.

In short, branding can lead to new ideas, a more focused approach, a fertile ground for you to grow your business, clarity for your audience and, most importantly, it can increase your competitiveness.

Branding is an in-depth and overarching exercise, which can affect your business in many ways. The exact nature and scope of a project is determined through the branding process and is always adapted to suit your needs.

Branding works in tandem with other areas of your business.

For branding to have maximum impact, all areas of your business need to function properly and follow a well-reasoned plan. We will help you embrace branding, guiding you through the implementation phase and widening your knowledge to successfully maintain and champion your new brand.

The value of design

Design is an inseparable and integral part of branding which brings clear and proven benefits:

  • "Businesses that see design as integral don’t need to compete on price as much as others. Where design is integral, less than half of businesses compete mainly on price, compared to two thirds of those who don’t use design.

  • Turnover growth is more likely for businesses that increase their investment in design. Conversely, those that decreased investment cut their chances of growth.

  • Businesses that add value through design see a greater impact on business performance than the rest."

Source: The value of design factfinder report, a UK-based study by the Design Council

Increase in turnover

Investment in design

Every £100 a design-alert business spends on design increases turnover by £225.

Increased competitiveness

No increase through design

In businesses where design is integral to operations, over three quarters say they’ve increased their competitiveness and turnover through design.