Do you want to unlock your business’ potential through branding?

Attract new business and talent with fresh ideas

Boost quality, clarity and credibility to inspire trust

Express what makes you different from competitors

Focus your brand purpose and rally people around it

Impactful brands are fuelled by purpose-driven strategy and meaningful design.

Our four-stage branding process and 10 principles for good branding will ensure we create a powerful brand to drive your success. Let us guide your brand’s journey.

Overarching, in-depth branding process

We’re here to help you to understand branding., We’ll lead you through every step of our four-stage branding process and advise on what is right for your brand.


Exploring and understanding your organisation, competitors, audiences and any existing branding you may have.


Consolidating your brand identity and brand architecture, developing naming conventions and visual direction.


Crafting your communication framework, key messages and a meaningful visual identity that goes far beyond the logo.


Compiling brand guidelines and unveiling your brand to the world – in print, in digital, in motion and more.

Brand identity
Naming system
Verbal and written identity
Visual identity
Delivery of assets
Week 1
Week 3
Week 6
From week 9

Timeline is for guidance only. Project length and components will be tailored to your organisation.

“We have worked extremely well together over the last few years. Brand Purist really has shaped our brand image. They’ve helped YR punch above its weight, time and time again.”

Tim Williams • CEO, Co-Founder of YR

“We loved working with Brand Purist. Their brand sprints offering was exactly what we needed as a startup. We’re so happy with the quality of the result. Highly recommended!”

Tzuki Stewart • Co-Founder of Playfilled

Which branding approach is right for you?

Compare our classic branding process to the sprints. If you are looking to kickstart a professional new brand quickly, our brand sprints might work better for you.

Our classic branding process

If you’re looking to invest more time and budget, a deeper dive into branding may suit you better. The result is a brand that’s right for you, down to the last detail.

  • Engages stakeholders at every level of your organisation
  • Any number of participants can join activities
  • Includes workshops, surveys, site visits, staff and client interviews
  • Process can take 3-6 months depending on business size
  • Allows much more time for reflection and perfecting solution
  • All facets of your brand are taken into account

Brand sprints

Brand sprints are an exciting, intense experience! They provide a solid foundation for your brand and basic branded assets to get you up and running quickly.

  • Engages founders and leadership team
  • Maximum number of participants is 3
  • Includes workshops
  • Process takes up to 10 days with strict time constraints
  • Demands fast decision making and tolerance for imperfection
  • Focus is on the foundations and essential branded assets