• Printing and collection areas at the YR Live brand launch event, decorated with their brand identity.
  • Outdoor poster with geometric artwork and bold typography designed for footwear brand URTA.
  • Printmaker inspecting an ICON Printing logo which has been freshly screen printed on a green a t-shirt.
  • Comp slips for Key Business Consultants with the key logo mark and half-tone photographs.
  • A set of simple icons designed for GivingWays.

All-round branding solution for your small business

Complete branding programme to create your brand identity, logo, website and more.

From £6,990

  • YR Live website homepage design with a background image of interaction with t-shirt design software.
  • Homepage of URTA's website with photo of women's footwear.
  • ICON Printing homepage with hero images that bring out the company's quality and attention to detail.
  • Services page design on the Key Business Consultants website, viewed on a tablet.
  • GivingWays stationery items such as letterhead, business cards, comp slips, badges and a medallion for rewarding donors.
  • Branded booklet pages explaining the values YR Live delivers to its clients.
  • Booklet about the URTA brand written in Chinese and illustrated with photographs of Shoreditch, London.
  • The back of compliment slips with ICON Printing's signature geometric graphics.
  • Infographic diagram in a Key Business Consultants booklet illustrated with bold photography of antique keys.
  • GivingWays logo used as a design element, combined with photography and shown on a large outdoor billboard.
  • Close-up of screen printed YR Live comp slips with detailed hot pink shard patterns.
  • Women's trainer shoes photographed for URTA lookbook in Shoreditch.
  • Canvas tote bag with bold, graphic artwork based on the ICON Printing mark.
  • Photo of Gary Green, founder of Key Business Consultants, with a branded pull-up banner in the background.
  • White tote bag which says 'All the ways of Giving' in a type design derived from the GivingWays logo mark.


Your brand strategy and visual identity are devised through careful consideration of all aspects of your business.


Going beyond the logo and website, we design a wide range of print and digital applications to suit your brand.


Your brand fits together perfectly, projecting a unified image and consistent experience for your audience.

  • Overarching brand visual identity designed for ICON Printing and presented across photography, digital design and print design.
  • The branding of YR Store brought to life in fashion photography, retail environmental design, stationery and web design.
  • Visual brand identity for Key Business Consultants showcased in a variety of applications: logo design, icon design, photography, printed banners, brochures, stationery and website.

What you get

Brand research, strategy and positioning

Bespoke logo and WordPress website

Complete visual identity with brand guidelines

Optimal range of photos, icons and illustrations

Copywriting of key messages and content

1st year-end brand evaluation

Add value to your business through branding

Differentiate your business from competitors

Create a unified vision for your business and team

Inspire trust and loyalty from existing and new audiences

Turn your brand into a competitive advantage

The branding process that drives our work


Rigorous examination of your business, competition and audience.


Transformation of your vision into focused brand objectives and plans.


Insight-driven creation of your meaningful visual identity.


Unveiling your brand to the world and connecting with your audience.

Additional services

Infographic animations

From £950


From £950


From £350

App design

Quote upon request

User interface

Quote upon request

Social media assets

Quote upon request

Product catalogues

Quote upon request

Lifestyle photography

From £500

Marketing design

Quote upon request

Office decorations

From £350


Quote upon request

Packaging design

Quote upon request

Booklets and brochures

From £350

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Why work with us?

Deep understanding of the role branding and design play in successful businesses.

Agile, flexible approach. Ready to scale with your business needs.

Personal, bespoke services. You work directly with the designer.

Tight-knit team ensuring consistent and cost-effective solutions.

Wealth of transferable experience in branding for a wide range of industries.

Partnering globally with clients in Europe, US, Japan and China

Ability to act as an extension of your team with fast turnaround times.

Working to the highest standards of design. Driven by attention to detail, simplicity and timelessness.

Experience in implementing brands on a wide range of mediums and channels.

Excellent connections with digital and print production suppliers.