Evoking reactions with PR firm’s illustration-powered brand identity


Aniseed PR is a boutique agency specialising in public relations for the events and marketing industries. Brand Purist was asked to crystallise their brand strategy and implement a complete redesign.

Inspired by the name, we developed an illustration and typography-driven visual identity that captures the personable and distinct flavour of Aniseed.

  • Printed letterhead featuring Aniseed PR’s logo, minimalist illustrations and bold typography.
  • Printed Aniseed PR business cards with unique illustrations of objects related to communications and the aniseed plant.
  • Compliment slips with minimalist illustrations and block typography designed for Aniseed PR.


Brand research

Delving into what makes Aniseed PR unique, we identified its flexibility, unrestrained creativity and personable experience.

The PR industry is saturated with many agencies covering a broad spectrum of clients. Aniseed’s specialisation in the event and marketing fields offered a point of difference.

While Aniseed PR had a strong professional reputation, the existing brand identity didn’t reflect the company’s core values to an increasingly brand-savvy audience.

Tote bag with Aniseed PR’s logo and messaging in bold typography. Pins featuring Aniseed PR branded illustrations.


Brand strategy

A series of workshops and consultations helped us understand the guiding principles behind the brand.

Being on the same wavelength with their clients, and offering personable and insightful services are all essential to Aniseed PR. These values help shape a positive business culture and a thoughtful approach to crafting brand communications.

Aniseed PR’s signature bold typography printed on postcard.


Brand design

Aniseed has a strong, distinct flavour – it isn’t vanilla. This concept that was the main reason for choosing Aniseed as the brand name, also inspired the visual identity. We wanted to break away from the corporate-looking competitors and create a memorable brand that worked in synergy with the name.

Logo design

The Aniseed PR logo is a stylised image of the anise fruit, a familiar silhouette for many people. It features seven petals, where each letter of the brand name symbolises an aniseed. The letters of ‘PR’ visually anchor the circular logo. The orange brand colour imbues the logo with a positive energy.

Aniseed PR logo made up of a stylised, orange anise fruit featuring individual letters of ‘ANISEED’ in each of its petals.


PR is also about planting seeds of stories in people’s minds. We partnered with illustration specialists, Gust of Wind Studio, to bring to life the storytelling element of Aniseed PR’s approach. Each illustration infuses objects related to communications and discovery with a signature brand style. Great PR enables stories to grow, just like the anise plant as it bursts out of typewriters and microscopes, overtaking the world.


Since Aniseed PR is all about communications, it was vital to make the written messages feel part of the brand using creative typography. Headlines are arranged into block shapes, with larger fonts emphasising key words. Small ‘seeds’ are scattered around the text to add visual interest and create a cohesive visual identity.


Brand implementation

As part of the initial brand implementation, we provided logo assets, social media designs, presentation templates, a new website and an animated explainer video. These vital deliverables allowed the firm to launch the brand quickly, generating momentum and chatter about their new identity.

Web design

We designed a one-page website, based on a newspaper-inspired layout. The site tells the story of Aniseed PR, featuring their approach, background and client testimonials. The web design incorporates the ‘seed’ graphics in the headlines, typographic quotes from clients, and the brand’s signature illustrations.

Branded animation

We produced a 2D animated video to communicate the philosophy and added value of Aniseed PR to potential clients. With the help of movement, the illustrations are brought to life, supercharging the personality of the brand.

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