Brand Purist ®

London-based branding agency designing meaningful brands for small businesses and start-ups around the world.

Tight-knit collaboration and thought-leadership

We help you to understand branding, lead you through every step of the process and advise you on what is right for your brand.

Designer is reviewing logo designs printed and stuck on a wall.
1. Research

The exploration of your business, competition, target audience and visual language.

2. Strategy

The consolidation of your brand values, your direction and your vision for the future.

3. Design

The creation of your meaningful, memorable visual identity, which goes far beyond the logo.

4. Implementation

The unveiling of the new you to the world – in print, in digital, in motion.

Branding expert gives advice on brand strategy to client.

Transformational, ongoing partnership

We are invested in the success of the brand we create for you so we help you nurture, maintain and evolve it as your business develops.

Differentiate your business

Express your organisation’s uniqueness and turn it into your competitive advantage.

Attract new audiences

Make people invested in your brand, win new business and inspire fresh talent.

Boost your credibility

Inspire trust and increase the perceived quality of your products and services.

Focus your vision

Send strong messages and provide clarity about your organisation, internally and externally.

We believe in the power of branding

Our branding services are overarching – they affect every aspect of your business. They can transform your company from the inside out, inspiring new ideas, pulling focus in a different direction and providing clarity for your audience. The end result can attract new business and cement your relationships with existing customers.

Helped by a strong brand, some of our clients have:

Achieved eight figure revenue

Created a worldwide presence

Attracted a dedicated team of 64

Partnered with the biggest brands