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  • Black YR logo on white background. The logo’s angular lines connect to each other to represent collaboration.
  • Purple The Foods of Athenry logo shown on white background. The logo features a stylised design of the farmhouse where the products are made.
  • The green and purple duo-colour ICON Printing logo is inspired by screen printing, where the letter O is turned into a slanted rectangle representing the tool used for pressing ink across the screen.
  • The logo for accountancy firm Key Business Consultants is simple logotype design. The symbol of a key is embedded in the word KEY.
  • Orange AniseedPR logo displayed on white background. The AniseedPR logo is designed in the shape of an anise flower with each letter forming a petal.


Your logo is an integral part of your visual identity. Its design is underpinned by brand positioning and strategic thinking.


We work to the highest standards of standards, driven by attention to detail, simplicity and timelessness.


You can start small and add more when you are ready. Your logo and the support we provide can evolve as your business grows.

“We have been working with Brand Purist since the beginning of our company. They have been instrumental in developing the entire look and feel, and have managed our brand ever since.”

Tim, CEO & Co-founder, YR

“Our rebranding has been a huge undertaking – one which has required us to rethink how everything from our logo and stationery look to the design of the website. But we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Alex, Director, ICON

  • Logo design for YR Live, a sub-brand of YR. The logo is presented in a blueprint-like format and also embedded in website and social media context.
  • The Foods of Athenry logo. Displayed with guidelines and integrated into social media and brand website.
  • Logo with design specifications for URTA Footwear. The logo is applied to the URTA website and social media accounts.

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Differentiate your business from competitors

Create a unified vision for your business and team

Inspire trust and loyalty from existing and new audiences

Turn your brand into a competitive advantage

Why work with us?

Deep understanding of the role branding and design play in successful businesses.

Personal, bespoke services. You work directly with the designer.

Tight-knit team ensuring consistent and cost-effective solutions.

Wealth of transferable experience in branding for a wide range of industries.

Partnering globally with clients in Europe, US, Japan and China.

Ability to act as an extension of your team with fast turnaround times.

Working to the highest standards of design. Driven by attention to detail, simplicity and timelessness.

Experience in implementing brands on a wide range of mediums and channels.